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This is the recommendation of drinking Hou Luk Seam Mixture Herbal Drink.
After you unboxed Hou Luk Seam, you'll see a measuring cup inside the packaging box. You'll see the red number 10, 20, 30 on it. It's not CC or ml. It's not a unit, just numbers.

how to drink hou-luk-seam


How to Drink Hou Luk Seam

1Hou Luk Seam is suitable for everyone, any age or any gender.

2A dose for children will be from 1 drop to 20 units depends on their age. 12-year old children should drink in the same amount as adult. Adult with more than 75 years old should not drink more than 50 unit per dose.

3Normally, we recommend you to drink Hou Luk Seam 2 times a day. One before breakfast and the other one before dinner. (or at bedtime). The first week's dose is 30 units.The second week's dose is 40 units. / The third week's dose is 50 units, and you keep drinking 50 units for the fourth week and so on.

4After drinking Hou Luk Seam mixture herbal drink, we recommend you to drink warm water with same amount.



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Bechalor of Electrical Engineering, KMUT Bangkok: Ericsson Training Center, Stockholm, Sweden: Executive Master of Business Administration (NIDA), Training Manager at TT&T, Fresenius Medical Care, Houston, Texas, USA. Certificate of Advanced Management Program for Healthcare Executive from Bangkok General Hospital, ex-Manager of Bangkok Phattaya Hospital, 10-year experience of Alternative Health.

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